Scientific Facts In The Bible: Book Review by Mariela Ticas

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A few weeks ago while waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles at the Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle, I walked into a store. It was mainly filled with memorabilia and nick-knacks with the city’s name printed on everything. Gee… what can I bring back home with me that’s of real significant value, I thought. Suddenly, to my left, I noticed a small bookshelf with religious titles and Christian guidebooks. It was a pleasant surprise since back in LA the main books that make the front shelves of any store are diet books or a celebrity memoir. As I approached the shelf I was immediately drawn to a small pocket-sized book that could fit in any man purse (click here if you need a visual). The title read:

“SCIENTIFIC FACTS IN THE BIBLE: 100 Reasons To Believe In The Bible” by Ray Comfort.

Excitedly, I grabbed the book off the shelf, nearly knocking me in the head, and began to flip through it. I was fascinated by a passage that listed some of the most legendary and great scientists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Francis Bacon, and Albert Einstein, to name a few, were all believers of a one true God! Next thing I know, the book is flying on a plane with me.

At about 100 pages, it’s the shortest book I’ve read since third grade, but Dr. Seuss’s, “Green Eggs and Ham,” is 72 pages and look t how it stood the test of time. In other words, less is sometimes more. Perfect for the average skeptic not willing to put in the time to read the bible. It will surely speak to the left side of your brain.

At home, the more I read the book the more it took me back in time. To a time when I was fourteen years old, trying to find myself, (what teenager isn’t?) and on top of that, trying to discover the meaning of life at the same time. Yes, I was quite the thinker. A few things remained constant. For example, the belief that although I hadn’t met God, I believed in His existence. Why? Well, it isn’t a coincidence that the bible talks about a lake of fire in the center of the earth before anyone had scientific knowledge that the core is at the center of the earth, or how fractal patterns perpetuate through trees indefinitely, aka, the tree of knowledge.

Skeptics will always find a reason to disbelief, just like negative people will always find a reason to look at the emptiness in a glass half full. For those that are believers in God and have or still read the bible, I was taken aback by the many prophetic details linking the bible to modern science. When one thinks about what the bible is, you never think “scientific proof”. This book will surely help you see the Bible in a whole new light.

I now leave you with a quote from the book by a doctor that discovered chloroform’s cleansing power, Dr. James Simpson:

“It is not chloroform. It was to know I am a sinner and that I could be saved by the grace of God. A man has missed the whole meaning of life if he has not entered into an active, living relationship with God through Christ.”

Glory to God.


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